Making its first debut on flappers in the '20s and a comeback in the '60s, the shift dress has always been a staple in womens' closets. While women like Lilly Pulitzer and Jackie Kennedy pulled off this piece flawlessly, many women tend to shy away from the shift; for fear that the boxy structure will swallow them up, leaving them shapeless and sack-like. But, as we all know, fashion is about taking the newest trends and making them work for you. Adding a belt, cropped jacket or a statement necklace (as seen on this fashionista) can really change the way the piece forms to your body.

This Fashionista’s shift caught my attention from over a block away; the electric green color along with the bold pattern makes this dress fun yet stylish. Her chunky black wedges lift the dress without distracting from the unique pattern, and my obsession with her outfit grew rapidly once I noticed her striking necklace. The geometric shapes along with the swirling pattern and bright colors really makes this piece a one-of-a-kind. I admire her confidence to pair one funky pattern with a totally different one.

There are many inexpensive patterned shift dresses available on sites like Polyvore and ASOS. H&M and DSW have many affordable wedges in hundreds of different styles and NASTY GAL has a great selection of unique statement necklaces to accessorize with.

Whether covered in sequins or drenched in bright colors, the shift will always remain a trendy and sophisticated piece that I believe everyone woman should own.


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