STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Product of the ’80s

Recent runways trends have been inspired by the infamous '80s school kid style. Students on campus have taken note of this daring style and have created their own version of it. This Fashionista looks superb in her acid washed jeans, hair and boots. Even though this outfit has elements that scream '80s wild child, this Fashionista has combined her own 21st century style. This fall and winter season, try incorporating '80s fashion with your own look. Mix trendy fur trimmed jackets with acid washed jeans or a bright scarf for a refreshingly new look. Fashion designers are inspired by the combination of different decades. 

Bring out your own inner fashion designer and experiment with mixing distinct '80s fads with your current wardrobe. If you tend to go for a more polished look but are looking to reinvent your look, try a more subtle look. For class test out an oversized sweater, Converse sneakers and a distinct scarf. I suggest you save money and find an oversized sweater at any thrift store and instead invest money in a cashmere scarf. The Pashmina Store has an excellent selection of scarves. Their scarves will not only keep you warm but also last for a lifetime. Try one of their animal print design scarves will keep you warm and still make a statement.

Remember: in order to be a true Fashionista you must create their own style not just follow the trends.

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