STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes

Nothing eases the chill of fall quite like chunky sweaters and cozy, wool socks. Now that does not mean you should look like you just stepped out of your grandparents’ closet or a workout video from the ‘80s. The important thing to remember is to choose shapes that are flattering to your body type. Different patterns and cuts can help you create an individual ensemble, unique to your personal taste while still keeping you warm when walking from class to class.

This Fashionista is the perfect illustration of comfy and cute. Her knit tank is topped off with a blazer-esque cardigan and a color-splashed layered chain necklace. The staple black leggings combined with combat boots and warm, wool socks complete the outfit.

Topshop is featuring pieces this season that can help create a similar stylish, yet sensible look. This black cashmere tank is great for layering and could easily become a go to piece in the closet for several different outfits. In this case, it could be paired with this edgy, studded cardigan, neon-encrusted chain, black studded ankle boots and a pair of fun knee socks.

As CollegeFashionistas and Fashionistos it is important to embrace whatever Mother Nature dishes out, so invest in some snug sweaters in striking patterns, colors and cuts. After all, comfort and class are the styling keys for the upcoming months.

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