Nothing says bold like a shock of purple hair. I was in a rush to my next class of the day when a flash of color caught my eye, and I stopped in my tracks to capture an image of today’s Fashionista. Not only is her hair color amazing, but the way she incorporates it effortlessly into her personal style is simply marvelous. I think we can all take a note from this Fashionista’s look.

She allows her accessories and hair to take control of her ensemble. With these show stoppers as the focus, she creates a pleasing contrast with the neutral colors of her dress. But that doesn’t mean her dress is lacking in interest. Take a closer look at the pattern and you will notice small cats speckling the entire garment. Can you say adorable? To complete her look, she adds quirky jelly flats and an assortment of rings and bracelets.

No need to rush out and buy hair dye to make this Fashionista’s look your own. Instead, find inspiration in her use of contrast. Sometimes, even the most savvy of Fashionistas and Fashionistos forget that accessories can be the main vehicles for excitement in an outfit. For starters, choose a neutral base with a subtle pattern, like these ditsy floral print overalls. Then, punch it up a bit with a bright bag. Add another eye-catching hue in the form of a head wrap or possibly a cheeky scarf. End with jewelry that is special to you. Voila! Now, you will be the one making heads turn.

Need some color inspiration? Check out Lanvin's fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection. It offers a rainbow of gorgeous hues to get the wheels turning.

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