STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Put On Your Sunday Clothes

While out for a stroll along St. Anthony Main one Sunday afternoon, I happened to pass by these two dolled up Fashionistas and nearly dropped my gelato in an attempt to flag them down for a photo. Seeing them in their pretty dresses immediately reminded me of a scene from Hello, Dolly! in which Dolly sings, “Put on your Sunday clothes when you feel down and out; strut down the street and have your picture took.” Very apt reference, right? Sunday mornings during the school year are usually spent nursing our hangovers and working on papers that we put off all weekend, so my advice this week is to enjoy your leisurely summer Sundays while you can by donning a dress for brunch or, like I did this past Sunday, a walk along the Stone Arch Bridge.

With their classic, feminine ensembles, these Fashionistas definitely differ from this summer’s trendy uniform of denim cutoffs and cropped tees. Besides the simple sweetness of the girls’ dresses, I love that together they showcase the two major color trends of summer: neon and pastel. The Fashionista on the left has on a lovely pleated, silk dress in highlighter yellow, and the Fashionista on the right wears a collared dress the color of peach sherbet. Both dresses also pulled inspiration from spring/summer 2012 runway shows. Prada featured silky pleats, while Louis Vuitton definitely influenced the make of the eyelet collar on the Fashionista’s H&M dress. With major color statements, I think it is best to do as these girls have and keep accessories, hair and makeup simple. While they both opted for a low ponytail, I would suggest a top knot bun or a loosely braided style for a little more dimension. 

Next time you have nothing to do on a Sunday, remember that putting on a dress and enjoying some sunshine will definitely put a smile on your face.

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