As consumers, the idea of value is drilled into our minds, where price meets quality. Any Fashionista/o can explain the importance of buying clothing that is well-made, rather than constantly buying cheap alternatives. While fast-fashion provides affordable options for trendy, of-the-moment items, we all know that if we want something to last, then we need to invest the money. We suck it up, dole out some extra cash, and in most cases, our investments are worthwhile. This brings me to today's Fashionisto. It was clear when I spotted him that he appreciates well-constructed fashion.

Let's begin with the sweater. This Fashionisto chose a double-breasted cut with a thick, rolled collar. The cut mimics a jacket style but is made out of sweatshirt material, a twist that draws in the eye. That's not all; the sweater is complete with elbow patches. This small detail, once reserved for hunters who needed the extra support for their shooting ventures, is now synonymous with collegiate chic. These features elevate the main part of the ensemble from simple to intriguing.

Next, today's Fashionisto wears classic, skinny denim with another college staple, the Sperry Top-Siders. Sperrys have a tendency to make an outfit look preppy but, in this case, the result is polished and trendy. For a pop of color, he adds a fire-engine red jacket. Up close, the jacket holds as much detail as the blue sweater. With defined top-stitching and a button-cuff closure, quality truly is apparent in the details.

The next time you shop at a fast-fashion mecca, take some time to consider your purchase. Is it a trendy item or a classic piece? I love to shop these stores as much as the next Fashionista/o, but well-made items are a necessity for wardrobe staples. You can get away with cheaper clothing when the style is likely to be outdated before the quality fails you.

Etsy is a great resource for one-of-a-kind, hand-made clothing, not to mention, it is a great way to support local artists. If you are in need of boots, look to Frye for durable and beautiful varieties. Finally, J.Crew and French Connection have never led me astray when it comes to quality, on-trend items.

In a world where you get what you pay for and money is tight, it is essential to make every purchase count.


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