Throughout history, purple has been associated with regality, luxury and power. When I saw this queen of the campus trotting to class, I was taken aback not only by her outfit’s palette, but also its confidence. These last few weeks of autumn, typified by thankful holidays and crackling leaves, are the time to impress upon your peers the everlasting power of purple! On subways, on the street and in coffee shops I am consistently taken aback by the wash of black, brown and grey that seems to engulf the New York state of mind and turn it into a somber monster. While bundling up against the cold is a must in the cold winter months, I find it shameful that most New Yorkers cloak themselves in such drab tones.

This Fashionista defeats the dark doldrums in her blue and brown plaid BCBG trench coat. The flowered tulle dress that bursts from beneath her trench coat is cold-colored enough to appropriately transition into late fall, and the deep navy complements the lighter blue of her trench. Her outfit incorporates a wide range of hues, yet it works! She pairs red Doc Martens with red Ray-Ban shades, and the aubergine tone of her tights complements the brown of her trench coat. Clearly, this Fashionista has a sartorial eye, and her outfit, however irreverently mismatched, works!

As the frosty fingers of winter grasp for any sign of life, stripping the trees of their leaves and their color, make sure to maintain a colorful palette. By incorporating richer, deeper hues of your summer palette to your winter palettte, like this Fashionista, you can achieve a fresh and fruitful look without sinking into the dismal black abyss that is winter apparel.

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