It's time to embrace the cold days ahead of us and do it in the most elegant and fashionable way possible. While looking classy enough for work, this Fashionista manages to maintain a level of comfort with a pair of ankle length dark wash denim. Ankle length pants are longer than traditional cropped pants making them ideal to show off every girl's favorite accessory, the shoes; especially chic suede booties like this Fashionista is donning. Who says ankle length pants can't be worn in cold November weather? They absolutely can, and are a perfect alternative to skirts and dresses that even when paired with tights still don't provide your legs with much warmth.

Layering a silky ruffle neck blouse under a black peter pan peacoat will keep you warm enough to walk to class, and hot enough to attract some attention. I have to admit, I am a sucker for collars and anything to draw attention to the neckline. Peter pan collars do this so elegantly and bring the focus up to your face. As with any fashion trend, the peter pan collar waxes and wanes in and out of vogue but keep the rest of your outfit ultra modern and you'll be the idyllic Fashionista whether at work, school, or out on the town. To avoid being head to toe in black, follow in the steps of this Fashionista and throw on some booties in a neutral shade like gray or beige and grab your favorite nude bag to add variation of color.  

Snow is never an excuse to forget to leave your fashion at home! Look for interesting statement pieces like this peacoat to add to your winter wardrobe and kick it up a notch with a stunning pair of booties like these platform options.

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