With all the buzz surrounding electronic dance music this year, it seems with every hit and beat produced, this style of music becomes harder and harder to ignore. Festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, and Ultra are becoming increasingly popular, and with all the fun and vibrancy they provide, it is no mystery as to why.

Even harder to ignore than the festivals themselves are the bold fashions associated with this genre. Most of the fashions sported at EDM shows range from the bold to the crazy, and everything in between. Neon colors are the unspoken and unofficial uniform, as are cropped tops, sequins and wrap headbands. The ensembles of some Fashionistas and Fashionistos at these shows include even more extreme accessories, such as furry boot covers, armfuls of candy bracelets, and my personal favorite, tutus!

However, as fun and whimsical as these fashions are, wearing them to class, work or even a night out with your friends might not be the most appropriate choice. But fear not Fashionistas/os! Summer provides an excellent opportunity to subtly show off your favorite EDM fashions, without making a spectacle.

This Fashionisto is wearing some of everyone’s favorite EDM accessories, including sunglasses and a bandana. He is also wearing a simple blue Mass EDMC T-shirt; this organization promotes electronic dance music shows all over the Northeast.

Sporting an EDM-related T-shirt like this Fashionisto's is a great way to embody all the fun of the genre on a more day-to-day basis, and the bandana can be worn to the gym. (My guy friends do it all the time!) For Fashionistas, those wrap-headbands I previously mentioned are perhaps a more feminine alternate to the bandana. They can be worn with pretty much any of your summer favorites, but the more exciting the headband and the simpler the rest of your outfit, the better! (The inverse is also true). These celebs perfectly exemplify the wrap headband — look here.

Neon hues are also an excellent way to incorporate all the fun of EDM into your wardrobe for Fashionistas/os alike. With summer fashions such as bathing suits, bold jewelry and loose fitting tanks, the possibilities are endless and are sure to keep you raging and raving all summer long!

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