I often joke that Conn has a rainy season. If so, we are definitely in it. The weather in New London this past week has been impossibly gloomy, when it hasn’t rained there’s been overcast. I applaud this Fashionista (pictured) for not letting the gray palette outside influence her dress. Watching her walk into the library, donned in bright colors, reminded me that spring is (slowly) approaching.

To face the elements she wears the classics, a Barbour jacket and Hunter rain boots. For centuries Barbour has made their timeless green wax cotton jacket but only recently have they offered more feminine versions. These sturdy utilitarian, and occasionally militaristic, jackets come in proportional cuts with belts or side snaps to flatter the female figure. They are water resistant and warmer than a gortex shell. To stay dry and keep my core extra warm when it is snowing, I wear mine with a J.Crew puffy vest underneath. Barbour also sells a vest that can be worn under their jackets for cold days.

I’m probably preaching to the choir here but Hunter boots are a rainy day staple. Especially during the cold and rainy transition from winter to spring, the height of the Original Tall Boot paired with a pair of cozy fleece socks are perfect for staying both dry and warm while walking around campus. While this Fashionista opted for the boot in a traditional hunter green, the company’s recent surge in popularity has prompted a release of the boots in new array of bright colors (perhaps another way to lighten a gloomy day?).

Underneath her rain gear this Fashionista wears a pink silk tank top, layers it with a vibrant green cotton cardigan and wraps a printed scarf of equally brilliant shades around her neck. Finally, to accentuate her neckline she adds three silver beaded necklaces that fall a few inches beneath her neckline. While a seemingly unusual combination, her brilliant under layers juxtapose the weather and translate as a fresh take on rainy day wear.

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