In D.C., one of the many things that occupy student’s time are internships. There are numerous NGO’s, law firms and of course federal government offices that are dying to hire free labor. Many Fashionistas and Fashionistos at GWU working part-time in addition to their classes and studying. But, of course, working in these offices does not just require sharp brainpower but also a sharp fashion sense! Don’t resort to your oversized wrinkled suit jacket in the back of your closet. Instead, create a fusion of street and office style.

This Fashionisto is dressed up in a casual work suit but has also accessorized with trendy street style clothing. This look screams young D.C. professional. His dark maroon leather jacket works well with his gray pants and plaid scarf. His gray knit beanie ties everything together because it matches with his gray work plants. Once you arrive to your little cubicle in the office, your can strip off your stylish attire and keep your office friendly clothes. Try mixing and matching your everyday wardrobe with your boring work clothes.

Fashionistos: Use this week’s Fashionisto as a working example and add a nice scarf, a leather jacket and hat to your look.

Be creative with your internship attire this semester. Don’t try to imitate your 40-year-old boss and co-workers style! Embrace your ability to dress in youthful style while you can. 

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