STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rebel with Pastel’s

As much as I’m obsessed with last season's neon craze, pastels will always have a dear place in my heart. The femininity and daintiness pastels provide give women everywhere a reason to feel more beautiful and ladylike. With their neutral hues and low saturation, pastels can be mixed and matched for infinite combinations!

This Fashionista rocked a long sleeve pastel polka dot dress with a pale azure cross-body bag. The polka dot pattern provided a fun upgrade from a simple peach dress to a much more colorful piece as the pastel azure of her purse helped bring these colors out.  The tie belt around her waist gave this dress more structure and her soft curls along with her natural make up kept her outfit simple yet girly.

While pastels sometimes get a bad wrap for being compared to Easter eggs and bad bridesmaids' dresses, this Fashionista toned down the frilliness with a pair of simple black flats. This Fashionista successfully mixed multiple shades of pastels without over doing it by remaining to the same color palette.

If you’re a newbie to pastel’s, try mixing them with neutrals such as beige or a chalky grey as seen in Prada's and Tibi’s spring 2012 collection. Also stick to pastel’s that work well with your skin tone. If you have a warmer skin tone, use with pastel’s in the blush, and peach, and tangerine family and for cooler skin try pastel’s similar to baby blue, pale green and lavender.

Sites like LuLu's and ASOS have a wide variety of college budget friendly pastel dresses ranging from daytime casual to prom appropriate.

This candy-colored fad is trending both on the runways and on the streets and it’s definitely a trend every woman can rock in their own unique way.

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