STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Red, Black and Leopard Oh My!

Black has always been a go to color, and at times even an iconic color – think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast for Tiffany’s. The reason that this color works so well is because it always looks well put together and chic. The perfect example of this is this weeks’ Fashionista.

A simple black blazer, like this Fashionista’s, is an ultimate must have for everyone. With cooler weather quickly approaching for most college students a blazer like the one photographed instantly adds an effortless cool factor to almost any look. I particularly like this Fashionista’s pairing of black jeans with a black blazer. Though a blazer can also work with blue jeans. There are currently many variations of the simple blazer that you have the option to buy a variety of colors, such as cream, grey, or blue. Another idea for what can be worn under a blazer is a dress; it does not matter whether it is formfitting or full. Whichever look fits your style is the one to go for. 

Along with looking great on everyone, black is also any amazing canvas that you can mix and match against. This Fashionista did just that by wearing a pair of leopard print sneakers. Her sneakers make the look more daytime college appropriate (and they are just really cool). Secondly, she chose to wear a bright red quilted bag. The purse looks extra loud since it is the only bright colored item that she is wearing. Not only are bright bags like this amazing but any colored chain or quilt bag is always beautiful. Lastly there is her bracelet-esque watch, which is great because it is not your typical chain link watch. Also, there is the option of piling other bracelets along with a watch like this.

I suggest that everyone look at this Fashionista’s look and try to pull from it! Even if it is only by wearing one bright color item or wearing cool shoes, everything counts. Do not be afraid to amp up your look a little for fall.



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