STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Red Never Looked So Good

Red Hott! This Fashionista rocked her outfit head to toe. She attracted attention left and right in her handmade red blazer and I knew I had to stop her to take a closer look to her outfit. Where do I start? From the top, our Fashionista did not leave anything out to create an entire look. Today's fashionista created a large bow that sat centered on top of her head in black. I always say there can never be enough studs and I would say out Fashionista agreed with that statement. He was seen wearing her studded out sunglasses that she hand made out of gold studs! At this point, it is about style and not actually being able to see. 

Now this blazer… so fun! As if the bright red color of the blazer was not eye catching enough, today's Fashionista added a cheetah detail to it! Beneath the cheetah on the collar is white which really brings out that animal print and makes it pop. Laid around her neck is a long gold chain necklace with a large cone-shaped ornament on the end. This picked up and pieced together all of her gold jewelry throughout the ensemble.

Apparel wise, she finished out with a black leather skirt, black tights and boots.

Accessories are major players in the outfit and for good reason! Our fashionista wore a spiked bracelet and make her out double-finger red guitar ring with a chain for more funk! I was so impressed on how dedicated this Fashionista is to her style.

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