This week, the first week of October, has been somewhat of a wakeup call. Summer is gone, and the nights creep in faster than before. Autumn has descended on the city. While the weather is a wakeup call, so is my 9 AM Italian class. On my way to class, however, I spotted a Fashionisto who appeared impervious to the raw cold and unearthly hour.

Swathed in stripes and bright red, parading a large graphic t-shirt and putting one leather-clad foot before the next, he emulates Billie Joe Armstrong and the like. This sartorialist clearly has a flare for skinny jeans: he rocks this red pair by Levi better than most Fashionistas I know. He allows the pants to shine: they are the brightest and spunkiest component of the ensemble. Colored jeans have been one of this summer's most prevalent trends, and this pair in particular translates perfectly. Red, one of the primary shades of fall's fashion palette, is a more versatile choice than the other shades on the market. While red is questionably the most eye-catching color, it is also one of the most classic hues.

In keeping with his rocker vibe, this Fashionisto grabbed for a band t-shirt. While it is not immediately obvious that he has done so, he has further conjured the essence of a musician. The large, blocky letters of his shirt are surprisingly conspicuous to the unenthusiastic eye. However, at second glance, one is more attuned to his fine-tuned sense of style. By throwing on this vintage-inspire shirt, he fashions himself as a punk in more ways than one: by matching pink detailing with red he ignores the status quos of the fashion world.

Shoes are truly the cap-off of every ensemble, they have the potential to either break or make the entire look. This Fashionisto does not allow his outfit to crash and burn, however; his pair of Bed Stu leather shoes complements his skinny jeans and graphic tee better than a more traditional pair could.

The beauty of this outfit is not in its immediately obvious punk-rock essence, but rather in its androgyny. Whether you wish to echo the vibe of Joan Jett or Joey Ramone, follow in this spunky Fashionisto’s leather-clad footsteps and pair one bright, energetic piece (like loud skinnies) with otherwise somber tones. This look is hard to give advice for; in its essence it rebukes all rules and exists as a rebuttal to the standards of fashion and of expectation. 

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