Red is the beloved color of the holiday season. It’s vibrant, elegant and lovely on women of any shape, size or skin-tone. Have you seen Emma Stone or Taylor Swift? They have fair skin and they rock this style like they’re paid to. Okay, well maybe they are…but technically that’s not the point. One of the most epic clothing combinations this season is red and black. Juxtaposing a pop of red on a black background is a glamorous gesture that even the Givenchy collection participated in this season. Whether you’re combining sleek black skinny jeans with a red peplum top or a monochromatic black ensemble with a red messenger bag, this coupling is a simple step towards rivaling the runway while walking through your college campus.

One thing that we Fashionistas need to remember when trying to imitate this trend is balance. Balance is a key aspect of any design. One never wants to bombard an ensemble by adding too much of both colors. An asymmetrical balance of hues makes the look appear effortless and easy on the eyes. One of my favorite looks for winter is a pair of black tights worn underneath an exciting red bodycon skirt or fitted gown. This style is perfect for holiday parties or a date night with your potential New Years fling. Wearing black tights with black shoes can slim down and elongate your legs and topping it off with red will leave your new interest anxious for a midnight kiss.

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated look, try adding red with your accessories or beauty trends. Red nails, lips or oversized glasses are adorable and modern bursts of color that will take an all black outfit to the next level. Take a tip from Isabael Marant and pair those black skinny jeans with some out-of-this-world wedge sneakers. These red kicks can be combined with a white V-neck shirt for a casual look that still has a fierce edge. So don’t be afraid to take a style tip from the holiday trimmings. Stand out like those twinkle lights and twist some metaphorical tinsel into that wardrobe of yours. This trend will definitely kick-start fashionable festivity.

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