The heat wave was in full force this weekend, but New Yorkers still found a way to stay stylish. I have to admit, it’s pretty hard to not find a well-dressed person in New York — the city emanates style. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to look good when it is more than 100 degrees outside. I had made it my goal this week to find the perfect example of a trendsetter who manages to stay cool, even in the scorching sun. This week’s Fashionisto looked like he stepped off the runway.

The featured Fashionisto altered the clothing he bought to create the outfit he is currently wearing. His jean shorts were originally a pair of drop crotch jeans that he cuffed; he looks breezy and easygoing. He masters the boyfriend jean look, which is applicable to men as well (however, it’s not usually called the “boyfriend look” when it’s on a man). His cardigan was purchased at Urban Outfitters, he turned it into a vest, however, to make it great for summer wear. He completes the look with a plain V-neck and a fedora from Forever 21. On his feet, he wears a classic pair of Converse sneakers — the quintessential footwear for a person who loves to explore New York. This Fashionisto is the epitome of a New York Fashionisto, who understands the street-wear look.

His look is the perfect way to end the month of July and bring out the American pride. The beauty of this ensemble is that it’s almost entirely altered and it did not cost the Fashionista more than 100 dollars. He managed to find pieces in mainstreams store, yet he personalized them to create his own style. You don’t always need to spend incredible amounts of money on a trendy look; sometimes you can find expensive pieces for cheap at sample sales and consignment shops or you can alter mainstream clothing to mimic vogue looks.

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