STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rejuvenating Jean Jackets

After spending my weekend laying out and people watching in Central Park, I observed a good number of stylish park-goers sporting jean jackets, a wardrobe staple at one point or another in most of our lives that is definitely making a fashionable comeback. I'm sure many of you, like myself, have opted for cardigans, blazers, and leather jackets the past couple of seasons and have pushed your dated denim aside. With recognition and respect attributed to classic, all-American designers such as Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors who invented versatile, everyday versions of the jacket, more and more designers have followed suit in the past couple of years, giving us different cuts, washes, and embellishments to the jacket. These designers have shown the transformation from a stereotypical baggy 80's style Gap jacket to a refined and classic piece that has a lasting power Levi Strauss himself would be humbled by. 

It's time to shop within your closet and re-incorporate your jean jacket into your summer wardrobe. By already knowing how to wear a simple black blazer, you are one step ahead of the game, for when wearing a jean jacket, you essentially follow the same formula. What I love is that they function perfectly in transitional weather scenarios and you can easily throw them off once you step into the humidity outside or back on to add flair to your look in a cooler setting. The great thing about denim is that it is extremely neutral and can be paired with almost any summer item in your wardrobe. I love how this Fashionista has paired a 7 for all Mankind Tomboy jean jacket with a vintage white knee-length dress and a pair of trusty TOMS. It gives off a look that isn't fussy or overdone, making for a maintained, balanced, and functional outfit. 

Next time you are deciding what to wear, take pride in dusting off your old denim duds, as they are an example of a core piece that will always be modern in one way or another. 



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