STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK Respect the Classics

My campus is small. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I already knew who’d be looking dapper on the first day of classes. This freshman hunk-of-prep manages to show us his attractive personality and even his history—through his well-thought personal attire. Mixing his preppy J. Crew Khakis with Special Edition Vans and a G-Shock watch, we see his respect for the old school, as well as his creativity.

Tucker is wearing a Jack Wills button-down, white solar-panel G-Shock watch, linen khakis from J. Crew, an Urban Outfitters belt, and custom edition Vans with beaded Native-American-style straps.

“I was the sneaker collecting type, buying Supras rather than DC’s and stuff. I love shoes. I’m a sneaker freaker. But as a student, I like to look nicer when I go to school. I grew up in Fairfield County too, so I felt a need show my pride when I went to college. But I don’t go for the straight prep—I try to dress it up with some flare, with some kind of urban twist to it—like with my G-Shock, or some sneaks. It’s nice to be unique.”

His shirt, I found, was most intriguing. My eyes lit up when he mentioned the British cult brand. “When I was on the wonderful isle of Nantucket, I stumbled upon this new shop in town, called Jack Wills. It’s more of a cutting-edge version of Ralph Lauren’s Rugby. It’s got that English flare to it. Everything’s more slim-fit, a lot of really great patterns—but in the end, it’s a pretty preppy store. The tags say Jack Wills, University Outfitters—so it was perfect for me. It’s my favorite brand! I’ve got quite a bit. I think a quarter of my wardrobe is Jack Wills now, at least at college. I even have a passport cover, and their cologne is great. I even have their Union Jack duvet cover in my dorm room, and I have the accent pillow for that—the other side says, ‘God Save the King,’ on it. Obviously, I’m the king.”

So what do we take from this lesson?

Respect the classics. Instead of going to class in your jammies, wear a fresh oxford and pair it with slim khakis—but still add your own twist. A watch and urban sneakers for the guys, and for the ladies, an edgy bracelet and a pair of menswear-inspired flats.


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