It's officially Boston winter (to me). The minute I pull out the gloves is the minute I start spending less and less time out and about in the chilly wind and blistering cold. They call Chicago the windy city? Seems like they got it messed up. While this Fashionista doesn't rock gloves, she easily sticks her hands in the pockets of her long black winter coat. But it's neither the beautiful pea coat nor her gorgeous hair that made her stand out as a Fashionista. 

A Fashionista that can walk around in high tan cowboy boots gets an extra ten points from me, and I didn't even see what was under her coat – no doubt, fashionable. The Western trend is a look I believe never goes out of style. Pair cowboy boots with any outfit and stand out like a horse on Commonwealth Avenue. 

You can rock the western look by rocking cowboy boots – short or long (these even have a subtle leopard print!!) – such as these cute short studded ones or high traditional cowboy boots that would make a rodeo rider proud. As well, you can wear fringe boots, such as these or this desert-inspired cardigan.

Hint: Determined to stand out? Add my last posts' advice to your outfit. Western with a bit of shine? Don't over do it – it could end up two parts Dolly Parton (never good). But a little sequin with a cowboy boot ,and you've got a hit on your hands ready for the runway (or Commonwealth Ave). 

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