STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Right Now I Command You To…

Ever heard Kelly Rowland’s song “Commander”? For some reason completely unknown to myself, I have had it rotating through my mind all morning. I must have heard the chorus a minimum 55 times in Econ alone! Maybe it was serendipity, or just sheer coincidence – “Commander” was a huge hint at the Fashionista I would spot later in the day.

While rushing to class, I caught a glimpse of that ever-so-popular military look on this Boulder Fashionista. The jacket, the boots and for the finale, the hair – It was all so well put together!

Military style is both edgy and formal, and when discussing an outfit, those are two characteristics you don’t always see together! The sources of edginess are the strong lines and multiple embossed brass buttons. As mentioned in “(Olive) Green with Envy” just a while ago, the olive green color is another important trait of the military jacket. A similar look can be easily achieved with this Urban Outfitter’s Imitation trench coat or this Leifsdottir 'Major' Canvas Military Jacket from Nordstrom.

Finish off the look with some basic brown boots. Too many buttons, buckles or other embellishments would look entirely too busy with the military jacket, so go with a basic boot like these Cianci boots from ALDO. True, they do have some studs, but the embellishments are minimal and tie into the jacket nicely.

Hint: Even if Kelly Rowland’s hit song “Commander” is not stuck in your head, definitely try the military look out this week!

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