STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rock Out With Your Socks Out

Anyone remember the cute ruffled socks that us Fashionistas sported when we were tykes? From girly white to rainbow bright, my mom wouldn’t let me leave the house without the perfect pair of shin grazing footies. Much to my dismay, ankle socks were introduced to my middle school Adidas wearing self, eliminating any kind of visible sock from my wardrobe. Lately, the cold weather has drawn me to my classic tights and boots combo, but I always feel like something is missing. Luckily, this Fashionista reminded me just how chic socks can be.

This week’s Fashionista wore a pair of gray knit “grab bag” socks, which she conveniently acquired from a throw away pile at her favorite Nantucket boutique. While vacationing in Nantucket over summer break most people wouldn’t envision their winter ensembles that must include a pair of cozy socks, but us fashion enthusiasts are always thinking ahead. The geometrical shapes on her funky stockings are a harsh yet fitting contrast to the whimsical cut and pattern of her floral dress. Pairing a “hands free” DKNY vintage satchel with a navy peacoat, some funky, patent leather oxfords and one bohemian-esque feathered drop earring, this Fashionista is guaranteed to turn heads.

The undeniable element of quirkiness that a pair of thick socks can add to your winter looks can also be translated to high fashion as seen in the D&G fall 2011 collection.

To accomplish this Fashionista’s charming shoe and sock combo, try these socks with your favorite pair of worn in sneakers. To translate the trend into evening, try a chunky wedge with a solid sock.

Ditch the conventional leggings, sweatshirt and UGG boot ensemble when the temperatures turn brisk and adopt the tights, shoe and sock collaboration to warm up your ankles this season.

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