The color red has always been associated with love, passion, and vigor. Though seen mostly in the Valentine season, another interpretation of this “bloody” color is that it is glamourous, hot, and sexy. Case in point is the relation of this shade to Hollywood's red carpet events. But my all-time favorite color meaning of red is that it symbolizes luck and prosperity. Being an Asian nation that was colonized by other western countries, the Philippines has both Eastern and Western influences. Red as a color that symbolizes luck is one of the Eastern influences Philippine Fashionistas picked up on. Whether one is a believer of good or bad luck does not really matter, because a color that evokes romance, glam, and prosperity, and looks beautiful at the same time, is already as good as it gets.

With the many interpretations of the color red meaning, there are also millions of ways to wear red. One can go sophisticated but edgy like this CollegeFashionista, who pairs her red dress with black heels, clutch, and metallic jewelry for her Commencement Exercise in DLSU-M. Another way is to channel a hippie vibe with a sheer red maxiskirt  from Forever21 and an embelished lace top paired with white tassel sandals, both from Tophop. Go vintage with a red wrap dress with white polka dots from Topshop paired with gold sequined ballerina flats by Forever21. Most, if not all, styles or personalities can incorporate and enjoy the wonderful shade of red with just a pinch of creativity and sense of style.

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