In these hot summer days, people usually opt for less clothes and short hair to keep the cooler. It also helps to wear lightweight breathable fabrics that keep the wind flowing through and cooling the body when the sun hits it. 

This Fashionista use all three of these tips to keep cool on this hot 90-degree day and looks great doing it. A simple tank ensemble outfitted with gold accessories and beautiful edgy haircut that immediately caught my attention. I spotted her at the campus-parking garage and ran to catch her attention. The ensemble consisted of a simple tribal print tank she found at Urban Outfitters and a pair of light brown linen pants from Old Navy. The main point of attention is this beautiful girls haircut! Edgy, stylish and easily noticeable, her use of color and placement really put this hairdo work. To offset her out outfit she also wore beautiful gold and turquoise chandelier earrings, simple black sandals and black and blue shades to block out the blazing sun.

The trick to summer style, I believe, is to keep things simple and light. Minimalize your layers, brighten your colors, and think cool thoughts. If you follow these simple rules, you’ll be able to keep your cool in 90-degree weather.

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