While the boys on this campus seem to love their basketball shorts and basic white T-shirts, some have style that make us girls do a double take. In my eyes, a well-dressed man is a dangerous man. Not only in the social realm, but also when talking to your professors or going on job interviews. Fashionistos look great on the outside but it also reciprocates the feeling on the inside, giving one a confidence boost. When spotting this Fashionisto, I realized there are few things the boys of Madison could learn from him (and girls, too).

This Fashionisto layers his white button down with a navy cardigan, creating a preppy, East Coast look that is perfect for the cooling temperatures. The red accent on the cardigan gives the outfit color but keeps it from becoming too bold. Instead of a cardigan, try pairing the button down with a skinny tie to keep the outfit looking fresh-cut. Button-downs and skinny ties aren’t just for formals. When worn with jeans, they keep it casual but make you look as suave as you would with a suit on. By adding a slouchy beanie, he keeps the outfit from becoming too over-the-top preppy.

The best part of this Fashionisto’s outfit is how he adds his own style by rolling up his jeans and rolling his white button down sleeves over his navy cardigan. It may seem minuscule, but it makes a big statement. For girls, try rolling your jeans and pairing them with a fun summer sandal. For boys, a pair of boat shoes or a pair of Vans are perfect for the transitioning season. Add a belt and Ray-Ban sunglasses and you’ll be turning heads on State Street just like this week’s Fashionisto.

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