STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Romance in The Workplace

You know that cute coworker of yours? Off limits. That is, unless you can find a way to keep your relationship under cover while you're on the clock. As we all know, relationships within the workplace that are more than “just friends” are taboo. But there is romance that isn’t prohibited in the workplace, and that’s the romance of ruffles.

Unless you have a strict uniform at your workplace, it’s easy to play around with your daily work attire. One of my favorite ways to do this is shown on today’s Fashionista, and that’s the romantic ruffles we see here.

This Fashionista stays workplace appropriate by staying within sensible means—soft colors, neutral shoes, and conservative pieces. She does, however, add some flirty flavor by choosing a dusty pink ruffled tee to top her pencil skirt. The blouse she chose has an appropriate cut in a shy color, making it perfect for those days at work when you want to feel yourself. 

Even if you work in an environment where business professional is dress code, you can try to walk the fine line between appropriate and not by adding some soft ruffles underneath a blazer. If you do take the leap and try this, be sure to keep the rest of your ensemble conservative in order to stay uniform.

Oh, remember when I said the chunky white watch is a must-have accessory? Don't forget to take a look at this Fashionista's watch.

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