I spotted this beautiful Fashionista on the first day of spring glowing on our campus’ main green. I mean, she was nearly impossible to miss with her bold statement hair, overly feminine champagne top and her exerting confidence.

I immediately started to hum The Sound of Music’s song, “My Favorite Things” as I spotted her frilly ruffles and metallic shoes. Unfortunately, ruffles have at times had a bad rep and have been associated with being super girly or found in a grandma’s closet. The truth is that though they’ve never been super trendy, ruffles are not leaving the world of fashion anytime soon. At times they are tricky as they can look unflattering by bringing about notions of body parts looking larger from the extra fabric. A tip is to keep the ruffles away from body parts you don’t want to highlight and try to place them on parts you do. But when done right, ruffles can add a cute, sophisticated touch. If you aren’t daring enough to wear loud ruffles, try a more modest twist with a short ruffled sock for a subtle look.

This week’s CollegeFashionista redefines ruffles, breaking them out of their traditional, frilly ways with a fresh spin on the classic. The tighter ruffle is a great way to add some variation to a clothing item while still keeping in line with its main elements and creating a pulled together look. With this added touch, her outfit looks both unique and effortless. Ruffle tops embrace a celebratory and joyful attitude. It easily fancies up the norm of a simple outfit and creates a completely clean and elegant look.

As a huge ruffles advocate myself, I cannot reinforce this element enough. A “need” on my list is this powder blue summer dress from BCBGeneration. It’s simple, but its pastel color and back detail really makes it into the perfect sundress. Additionally, though I’m happy that summer is approaching, it means I need to put away the cashmeres except for one of my obsessed items. Of course, Magaschoni’s cashmere collections are my favorite, so on cold summer nights by the beach I always sport this super soft ruffle wrap that is available in every imaginable color.

Additionally, this Fashionista of the year as she sports my oh-so-favorite glittered TOMS Shoes. I mean, what better way to shop when you know that your money is going to a good cause? TOMS Shoes is a company whose objective is to match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. The amazing part is that they come in a multitude of fabrics and prints. How can one go wrong?

If you are ever in a rut when putting together a simple sunny outfit, grab a pair of white or dark wash jeans or clean-lined shorts and find a simple ruffled top to bring the outfit to a homerun. Keep it classy and your festive outfit will surely be complimented.

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With Fashion Week giving us a taste of spring styled clothing and stores stocking our favorite chunky wools, I find myself torn between what to wear. This Fashionista was nearly impossible to miss with her bold statement hair and overly feminine dress. She is one of those people that you can't help but stare at because of her exerting confidence and beauty. Also inspired by spring 2011 runway shows she choose a neutral hued ruffled dress dress around campus. 

Ruffles are not leaving the world of fashion anytime soon so bringing a dress like this into your current wardrobe can easily be accomplished. For starters, this Fashionista clearly had spring 2011 Fashion Week on her mind due to the choice of color of her dress. If you aren't as excited about spring as I am and want to live in the present, try throwing on a leather jacket or for a fancy Betty Draper look try a fur bolero with her mini dress. If you aren't daring enough to wear loud ruffles like today's Fashionista, try a more modest twist like a short ruffled sock and loafers.

If you take any advice from today's Fashionista it is to walk the streets of your campus confidently and never settle into fashion from one season. Always be looking out into the horizon! 

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