I’ve often heard that you must not exceed three colours in an outfit and I tend to stick to this rule. My take on the matter is that too many colours can ruin an outfit in the same way that too many cooks spoil the brew, and after seeing this week’s Fashionista I wondered if perhaps she agrees!

The modest selection of white, beige and black compliment each other in a distinct manner of nonchalant chic. The placement of the colours is interesting in that the centre of the outfit is black and opens out into lighter shades piece by piece. The loosely fitted, black t-shirt casually hangs over the top of the skinny black jeans that are cropped just above the ankle. Cropped jeans are not an easy item to pull off, especially in the winter, as they can be a bit of an awkward length when not being worn with sandals. However, this Fashionista is a perfect example of how to select and wear your cropped jeans while coordinating them with a winter shoe! I’d say the trick is to make sure that they are not too short, so as to minimize the gap from trouser to shoe.

The black tones have been wrapped up in a white knitted cardigan and beige boyfriend blazer. The outer tones of the outfit are not only what soften the black, but are what add to the overall, longline shape of the outfit. There is little feminine touch to this simple outfit but it definitely gives off a concrete air of chic. The loose jacket and leather shoes inject a touch of the androgynous trend into the outfit, but the oversized Zara bag and the soft neckline of the t-shirt say otherwise.

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