Venturing North to Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival, I was expecting to be reporting on festival fashion this week. However, the rainy weather scared me away from bringing out my camera while we were in Union Park. Instead, I found this week’s inspiration during a casual shopping trip in downtown Chicago on Michigan Avenue. Lingering in front of an AllSaints store, this Fashionisto radiated an appropriately heavenly aura.

To start, this Fashionisto dressed himself in a casual pair of cuffed shorts and a plain gray T-shirt with a low neckline. This outfit can be found at mass retailers such as Levi's and American Apparel. It is the perfect go-to look for any summer day.

A comfortable-looking pair of brown sandals might be boring to girls, but on boys they are still a refreshing sight. Kenneth Cole sells a similar pair of sandals for men. What really gives this outfit an edge is the statement jacket. This piece alone adds so much sex appeal to his look, it instantly turns him into a movie star. You can find this black leather biker jacket at AllSaints.

While many guys have now turned to shorter hairstyles, this Fashionisto proves that you can still get away with rocking longer locks. As long you keep your hair looking clean and well-kept, you will still fit in with the contemporary styles other boys are sporting these days. If you're capable of growing a beard, leave it at just a light scruff and no mustache for a friendly yet mature look.

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