This week I recommend that you venture outside the familiar realm of purses and go for a satchel. These bags are similar to briefcases, but differ slightly because they are soft shelled and have a long strap so they can be worn cross-bodied. These bags are ultra-convenient when it comes to carrying the essentials like books, wallets, lip gloss and any other must haves to get through the day. The best part about these bags is that they offer a polished look that would complement the simplest of outfits (like jeans and a crew neck), but would also match well with a business suit for presentation days or interviews.

This Fashionista sports a tan colored satchel. The light brown color of the bag compliments her monochromatic outfit beautifully. It pops against the grays and blacks of her jacket, V-neck, leggings and boots. What I love about this satchel is that it has a vintage feel, making for an interesting twist and adding a sense of richness and history to the look.

In looking around for similar satchels online, Urban Outfitters has a great selection. I believe the BDG Primary Satchel is the one that this featured Fashionista is wearing herself. I also like the BDG Basic Messenger Bag, which comes in a delightful blue color. When choosing what to wear your satchel with, we can all take note from our Fashionista by choosing a one or two-color ensemble to allow your bag to really stand out and speak for itself.

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