STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Saucy Cranberry Fashion

This Fashionisto is dressed for the holidays already; Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. Keep your outfit casual yet classy this year. He has the right idea with an argyle, cranberry colored sweater and corduroy gray pants.

First of all the colors are great fall choices and work well together. The argyle brings a sense of style to a plain sweater and wearing corduroy keeps you comfortable, but is a step up from jeans or even khakis. Strangely enough, I like this Fashionisto’s bright blue shoes with his outfit. I don’t know if one could pull these off at an actual holiday party, but for a walk on campus they provide a pop and a creative twist to the outfit. If you want to make this ensemble more preppy, add a button down shirt underneath the sweater and have the collar popping out the top.

To make it a little dressier, you can add something like a blazer or nice jacket on top of the sweater or even on top of a sweater and button down. You can find an argyle sweater like this at Banana Republic. Check out Levi’s pants for a variety of cords in all different colors. I’d definitely want this Fashionisto at my Thanksgiving table. 

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