Whether it’s a vintage Guns N' Roses T-shirt, or a basic graphic shirt from Urban Outfitters, printed tees and sweatshirts seem to be budding up everywhere. They are an easy add on to any simple outfit, and can give some extra flair to the ensemble. Whether it’s a simple band T-shirt, supporting a cause or even something silly like an animal graphic, one can never go wrong while choosing a graphic shirt this season.

This week’s Fashionista goes outside the realm a bit. Though still graphic, our Fashionista is wearing a LF original chunky knitted sweater with the symbols “&?” on it. What I love about this sweater is that it makes you question her motive behind it. What is the purpose to this graphic? It’s all up to the viewer. Not only is it a great winter sweater, but the silhouette is feminine and flattering. She pairs it with a simple black maxi skirt and her ever so polished bun. Adding her bright red wallet includes a splash of color to her black and white duo. To complete her outfit, she adds her favorite sunglasses and a simple necklace.

Due to the overwhelming amount of graphic-ness in today’s fashion, try this particular thermal. Any Fashionista can spruce this shirt up with a cute denim skirt and tights or even a maxi skirt. What’s great about the graphic T-shirt/sweater is that it is essentially a blank canvas. One can do anything and everything, so make it your own and experiment with different pops of color and accessories. With the colder weather upon us, Fashionistas may be looking to their wardrobes for warmer apparel. Thermals are a great way to stay warm, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

So whether it’s a day at school, or simply running errands around town, graphic tees and sweaters are here to guide you through the winter season. Don’t be afraid to embrace the graphics; instead, find what is suitable for you and make it your own!

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