STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Shades For All Seasons

With the bitter breeze and blankets of snow consuming campus, sunglasses typically slip the minds of students in the midst of winter. But perhaps this season, shades and snow are not so incompatible.

Feast your eyes upon today’s Fashionisto: clad in winter plaid for the city snowfall, but bringing back a souvenir of sunshine from the holiday destinations. A subtle addition to classic pieces, the Ray Ban Wayfarer complements this Fashionisto’s casual combination with ease. This Fashionisto mixes present-day plaid with this past-inspired frame, making the marriage of '70s style and contemporary cuts into an appealing arrangement. His cool-colored palette of tartan plaid contrasted against the brick red accents of his lumberjack-inspired loafer make for a complete scheme in perfect proportion. Finished with slim-fit denim and a simple white tee, this Fashionisto’s ensemble is certainly fit for all seasons.

To scope out season-friendly sunglasses and vacation-worthy wear as slick as this Fashionisto’s, check out Ray Ban and J.Crew

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