Cantaloupe, mint green, lemon yellow and grapefruit are all reminiscent of the ice cream parlor or sweet summer sorbet. But this season, our mouths are watering over the saturated pastel shades that are hitting the runways. From the pale purple wash in the 3.1Phillip Lim collection to the bitter lemon evening wear at Louis Vuitton, designers and editors are playing to our sweet tooth with pastel shades. The colored jean trend has come and gone over the past few months so this season denim is revamped to be a more subtle statement maker.

Fashionistas everywhere are embracing these delicate pastel hues as a perfect palette for the warmer weather. This trend is one that can be easily converted to everyday fashion and the Fashionista I found this week pulls off pastels seamlessly. I spotted this Fashionista in her lavender skinny jeans on a nice spring day and I was immediately drawn to the fresh and breezy color.

Spring is all about mixing things up and experimenting with new styles. If you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans, break away from the reliance on dark denim and try a softer shade! This cropped pair of mint green jeans from ModCloth or this pale pink pair of skinnies from ASOS are both perfect alternatives to the average denim and a great way to experiment with the trend. A pair of pastel jeans is a perfect blank canvas to make other colors pop, pair with sophisticated neutrals or play with accessories.

The pastel trend is one that is fairly easy to wear but involves an eye for color. There are lots of different ways to wear pastels but I think the most interesting and unique is to pair them with other pastels. I love the idea of wearing two shades together to make a big impact. To avoid looking like a walking Easter egg, add in one touch of a brighter color in a similar color family to break up the sweetness of the pastels and add a little more punch. Pairing pastel jeans with a neutral, like the pictured Fashionista is an easy way to look polished and clean while still maintaining a little bit of funk. Lastly, if you’re feeling courageous, you could experiment with the monochromatic trend and dress in the same color from head to toe. The soft shades of pastel colors will keep the look from getting too overwhelming and with neutral accessories, the outfit is sure to stand out.

When it comes to color, don’t be afraid to show your softer side and embrace the pastel trend!

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With floral and frills flooding the racks, the race for summer staples is underway. Fashionistas everywhere have their eyes peeled and carts open for pieces that will set them apart. What they’re looking for, however, may just be right above their noses. Make an inimitable addition to your warm weather wardrobe this season with vintage eyewear.

Feast your eyes upon this week’s Fashionista. Upon first glance, one’s eye is immediately drawn to her rosy rims. Accentuated by her black and blue palette, this Fashionista’s eyewear is certainly a stylish centerpiece to a dark and stormy ensemble. Just barely on the heels of warm weather, she combines lighter spring layers with an unbuttoned overcoat and cable-knit stockings. Her cognac leather belt not only complements the tortoise frames of her glasses, but it also creates a slimming silhouette that interrupts the volume of bulky layers.

Follow this Fashionista’s example this season and scope out vintage sunglasses in summer shades. Unique eyewear can add character to even the simplest of outfits, and opting for bright or pastel frames can create a colorful focal point for all of your spring ensembles.

To look for lenses as lovely as this Fashionista’s, check out Bleu Dame and 80's Purple.

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