I absolutely love the new limited edition of OPI’s Black Shatter nail polish. It’s like magic right before your eyes! Crackle nail polish has been on the market before but OPI’s new version of this visually appealing nail polish is truly a must-have item for this winter and spring. OPI’s new campaigns featuring Serena Williams and Katy Perry contain eye-popping new colors and creative names you can’t resist. Not only is “Teenage Dream” one of my favorite songs, but it also is one of my favorite colors to wear on my nails. For Serena’s line, “Glam Slam”, there is a sparkly yellow polish called “Simply Smashing”. You can be certain I will be checking out Serena’s nails when she comes to Eugene for the “Nike Clash of the Champions” at Matthew Knight Arena on May 8th.

If you haven’t heard of Shatter nail polish before, it is a combination of two coats: one color as base coat on your nails and the black shatter nail polish on top. The chemicals within the shatter nail polish are not compatible, that is why it begins to crackle instantaneously during the drying process revealing your base color through the cracks. This Fashionista used a cherry red color as her base coat. The contrasting colors of light and dark matched her outfit of a girly floral top and black leather boots.

The mix of bright and dark colors with Shatter nail polish offers is a preview of other trends that will be emerging this spring. Prepare to be visually stimulated by bright oranges and neon laces!

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