Even though it’s still spring, the weather says otherwise. It’s feeling much more like summer around here. During this time of year, most of us tend to avoid running errands until the evening when the sun isn’t glaring down on us. However, in the right clothing, moving about during mid day isn’t so bad and quite doable. The type of clothing that you’re wearing makes a huge difference in terms of comfort. I strongly suggest not wearing dark colors during warmer days, these fabrics absorb heat. Instead, do a light color; whites, pinks and tans are all good options, these colors will reflect sunlight and help keep you from overheating. Also, utilizing lightweight fabrics is another solution to keeping cool. Sheer fabrics allow your skin to breathe and let breeze flow through. My style advice of the week though is to invest in an item that is a combination of both of these elements- light in color and sheer in weight.

This Fashionista wears a great example of a cooling ensemble all while being fashionable at the same time. I especially love her sheer top- it’s a light salmon color with a white print throughout. The loose sleeves and overall fit allow for her skin to breathe on a hot day. She’s paired this top with a stone colored safari short and large buckle sandals. Her satchel is an awesome accessory and stays true to the color palate with some extra interest in the chocolate brown detailing.

To recreate this Fashionsita’s look for yourself, try this blush-colored sheer shirt. Match with these cream shorts and these platform sandals. Finish your summer friendly look with this canvas satchel.

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