Florida has the craziest weather of almost any other state or the Eastern Seaboard. The Florida sun can be beautiful in the morning, deathly in the afternoon and a hurricane can blow in the evening. But no matter the weather, season, time of day or mood, everyone knows that you cannot go wrong with black. Usually in the scorching sun, black brings in the heat but there is always away around extreme weather. This Fashionista’s ensemble stood out to me with its classic color palette and weather-ready choices. This very slim and sleek look was simple and cool for the hot Florida sun. Her look included a black sheer sleeveless button up and grey skinny jeans from Forever 21.

Another fabulous addition to this Fashionista’s look was the growingly popular Jeffrey Campbell Black Litas. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are known for their modern twist to vintage style of shoes and are always recognizable; they made the perfect choice for this ensemble. Added to this already great look was a pop of color with her Leopard print clutch and black Aviators. This look is simple and effective and able to keep the wearer cool and stylish. If you absolutely have to have color in your looks, its always easiest to add a pop of color or prints to muted tones. Trade the black button-up for a colored top or the grey bottoms with a print, the fun comes in experimenting. Always be ready for whatever the day may bring and always choose to be stylish.

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