With a late-blooming spring and a shamefully shy summer (that refuses to show its sunny self), Seattle University students are facing final exam week with layers of notes and layers of clothing. With fickle weather that changes from sun to rain before you exit your first class of the day, this week’s Fashionista showcases her technique of staying comfortable and prepared while still remaining on-trend.

Facing the current weather in a gorgeous, red-leatherd peacoat, this Fashionista mixes winter essentials with one of summer’s most popular trends: bold color. Rather than looking as if she’s still fighting a harsh winter in dark, ominous layers, the bright red color of this Fashionista’s peacot still keeps her feeling warm but also while looking fresh.

Brightening up an otherwise overcast day with more colors, our Fashionista dons an oversized shoulder bag she borrowed from a friend’s closet. Typically found with the best deals at your local flea market, this particular shoulder bag drips in boho chic and colors perfect for those summer days when you’re strolling across the local park, an ice cream cone in one hand and a summer fling in the other (sigh). Last but not least, this Fashionista’s beyond-bold Nike kicks shimmer like gold in what little sun seeps through the cloudy sky. She balances the sporty, summer look with bohemian flavors—all while bearing this almost never-ending winter season.

For those of you in similarly dreary-weathered areas, take note from this week’s fashionista and find a similar bright-red peacoat at JCPenny’s or, on your next shopping trip, keep bright colors in mind for any summer essential like an airy blouse, your next bathing suit, or a new pair of sunglasses. Shining in the summer will have everyone looking, so find a pair of hot Nike high-tops and pair it with jeans until that summer sun’s hot enough for you to pair them with short shorts.

Dark or cloudy, this summer, it’s all about going big, going bright, and going bold.

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