Footsteps just got a lot louder this winter thanks to this season’s latest shoe accessory. Stomping their way from the '90s back into our closets are lace-up boots, seen on footwear from combat boots to desert shoes. Whether it is a night out or a day at school, boots with laces can give any girl the ultimate edge. In the past, lace up boots has been chunky and punk, but the more modern and flattering version has a slimmer design. Heels even add a feminine touch to combat boots that may seem by themselves may seem overwhelming and masculine.

I decided to delve back into the lace-up boot trend this past Christmas, getting off-white Troopas and the Halogen ‘Radley’ ankle boots. Both have become some of my most beloved pairs of shoes that are also versatile. I bang around to class in them and throw on my heeled pair for a dressier look later. One of my favorite looks is to pair the boots with are skinny jeans and peek-a-boo socks; a look that I also found on this Fashionista walking through campus.

Since shoes with laces have a masculine feel you should juxtapose your boots with a flirty dress and black tights for an outfit that will send the perfect balance between punk and girly. Or go all out and wear tight cargo pants, a grunge loose military jacket, and a simple white tee.

What I love about this trend is that the shoelaces allow you to wear them in so many different ways. You can wear your boots laced-up, unlaced, folded down…the list is endless! This Fashionista went bold with the rugged look – a cargo jacket, fingerless gloves, and her black combats. A true rocker chic!

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