STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Short Shorts, Long Legs

Wearing summer pieces in winter is a great way to change up your look and break out your summer clothes early. After watching fall fashion shows in spring and vice versa, it can be fun to play around with mixing seasons by incorporating off season pieces. This Fashionista rocks the tights and summer shorts look paired with flats and a winter pea coat. She accessorizes with a slouchy American Apparel infinity scarf and brown leather bag to add some texture and color to her outfit.

The tights and shorts duo has become a major trend amongst celebrities such as L.A.M.B. designer Gwen Stefani and model Kate Moss, and is easily translatable to college students. Paired with flats for class or with heels for a night time look, this look helps to lengthen the leg for a sexy chic look. Shorts can be a more comfortable alternative to skirts and more fashionable option than jeans.

This Fashionista’s outfit of navy hues is brightened up with her white linen shorts from a local thrift store. Most of the Fashionista’s I’ve spotted at JMU have found some of their best pieces at thrift stores or as vintage pieces passed down to them. While many college students find themselves on a tight budget yet are inspired by expensive designers, there are always ways to stay fashionable without making a dent in your bank account. While Fashionistas can admire the prints of Oscar de La Renta in Vogue and fall in love with Marc Jacobs collection on the runway during fashion week, there is still a way to translate new fashion into your wardrobe on a college student’s budget. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is a firm believer in vintage shopping. She advises Fashionistas to mix vintage finds with contemporary picks. She says “I love the look of a vintage sundress with a modern, fashion-forward shoe, or a current cocktail dress with all retro jewelry. This kind of approach will keep you looking balanced, updated, and inspiring vs. old-fashioned! What could be more glamorous than that?”

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