STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Short Shorts, Long Lifespan

Jorts: (noun) a pair of shorts crafted out of denim, the material used to make jeans.

Whether thrown over your bikini or dressed up with clogs, (like the Dolce Vita ones this Fashionista is wearing), jorts are always a go-to for hot weather. Despite the current sweltering August heat, autumn is rapidly approaching. As the temperature drops and the school year starts, we style-savvy BU students need to switch gears with our wardrobes. Bid farewell to your gladiator sandals and lightweight maxi dresses: it’s almost time to break your boots and blazers out of storage.

However, do not pack away your favorite pair of jorts quite yet. This fall, there are plenty of innovative ways to prolong the lifespan of this summer staple. When the thermometer hits 60 degrees, throw your jean shorts on over a pair of patterned pantyhose. Add a plain T-shirt and cardigan like this Fashionista did, and your jorts magically transcend seasons.

When the temperature plummets another 15 degrees, there is still no need to drop jorts from your radar if worn with thick, cozy tights. Combine them with a long-sleeved shirt, a knit scarf, and that blazer and those boots you pulled out of storage. Voila! Your beachwear has evolved into a chic getup suitable for Boston in October.

Rocking jorts this fall is an unexpected way to look effortlessly stylish. Just don’t forget to pair them with tights – getting goose bumps on the way to class is a definite fashion faux pas.

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