Short-sighted is exactly what this Fashionista wasn’t during her last shopping excursion. The lucky girl is interning in New York City for the summer, far, far from home, and she's not missing her limited opportunity to thrift like it’s going out of style. Her most recent find are a pair of black denim, high–waisted shorts, likely circa 1980. Talk about seeing far into the past for a little fashion inspiration. A rare and flattering cut, these short shorts were quite a steal. The ones made today to look old just don’t seem to have the same quality; I’ve tried on several pairs and all looked ridiculous and ill-fitting. Perhaps I shall have to borrow these ones, since this Fashionista is, in fact, my sister. 

After last week’s STYLE ADVICE about sister–looks, it seemed an appropriate coincidence that my own sister popped home for a visit this week, with stylish new clothes for me to drool over in tow. When I met up with her after work, I had to capture her recent success in the epic quest for vintage. She wisely paired her new bottoms with a basic tee — true to the era — and some vintage-y shades. She also happens to be wearing my own floral, braided belt for a nice accent, which I can forgive her for in the name of style. With the gold accessories, (purse here, sandals here) she strikes a nice balance between the ultra-casual and the refined. 

This Fashionista is an expert with beauty products, which completes her look in a way that many Fashionistas find hard to achieve. She always knows which lip color goes with which outfit or occasion, and manages not to look overdone in a strong color, even when rocking it with informal attire. The carmine-pink she sports here is a popular clothing shade in stores this summer, not to mention her nails are a color-wheel complement to the lip color — probably an unintentional but nevertheless very artistic choice. All in all, she has a little of the now, a little of then and a hint of timelessness. You do me proud, Sis.

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