This week I took a trip outside the walls of Indiana University to the great city of Chicago, IL. The city was crawling with people, but this Fashionista stood out for her use of a trend that I’ve had my eye on for the past couple of seasons. You may or may not have noticed that design houses such as Burberry Prorsum have sent models down the runway with socks pooled around their ankles. It’s another reinvention of a 80’s classic and one that I’d love to see catch on, but until now I haven’t seen it on the streets. As a matter of fact, the sock has all but disappeared in recent years (no-show ankle socks seem to be the sole survivors).

Now to be clear, this fashion statement is nothing like your standard white gym sock. The style works best with a thin sock in a color complementary to the rest of the palette. Since I am a big fan of mixing brown and black, this Fashionista won me over with a black sock paired with brown oxford-style heels. Additionally, as fall approaches, the sock could become a great alternative to tights!

In other campus news, as many of you know, nothing ruins an outfit more than throwing a goofy looking backpack on over an otherwise perfect ensemble. This Fashionista doesn’t seem to have that problem. Her black leather backpack adds to, rather than detracts from, her outfit.

Hint: Try the Relaxed Roll Top Sock from It's the ideal height and weight for this trend and is available in many different colors.  

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