The weather has been cooling down, but not cool enough for putting on all those fall layers just yet (bummer, right?). As much as I want to pile on those layers and participate in new trends theres always that moment in the beginning for fall where its just not time yet. Right now its all about taking your time transitioning from summer to fall. 

While it is not time for coats just yet a light sweater couldn’t be a better fit for the beginning of fall. I spotted this Fashionista taking a break outside school with a few of her friends. She was simply dressed in military green  pants, lace up boots, and a light sweater. However, it wasn’t just any plain sweater. It was shredded and definitely full of details. Whoever designed it definitely left no mercy on that sweater. I found it interesting to look at and surprisingly, it also looked very comfortable. During the summer you probably could’ve worn that sweater by itself with a bright colored bandeau underneath. Instead of showing so much skin, which screams summer, this Fashionista layered it with a shirt underneath that still gave the cutout details some contrast, making it noticeable for sure. 

My suggestion for you guys this week would be to pull out a favorite cutout or shredded piece of yours and layer it with a blouse or a t-shirt. Pair it with a some simple open-toed wedges if you’re not ready to break out those booties so soon. Not only is it reminiscent of summer but its the best way to transition into fall. I’m always about being stylish but sticking with comfort.  How can you not? It’s a win win situation.

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