You are most likely familiar with the stunning look of Serena van der Woodsen in pop TV show Gossip Girl. The braids looks, as one of the most impressive slide of the show, undoubtedly provided audiences a cute, smart and elegant image of Serena. Not only in the TV show, but also on the summer 2011 catwalks, pigtails stole considerably amount of scenes.

Today’s Fashionista plays the trend of pigtails and braids in a super fun and carefree way by incorporating her light messy side braids with bold makeup and monochromatic maxi skirt and tops. To prevent over-childish, try single braid just like this Fashionista, and apply some masculine accessories. This trend setter stays cool in the hot summer with her single pigtail and loose structure outfit.

Unfamiliar with how to make braids? Check out the post on e-How and 15 tips regarding making pigtails on Glamour. It looks like this runway hair trend really is going to take off in real life. Are you eager to try a side braid this summer? 

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