Sometimes fashion can be overwhelming. The dizzying array of headlines that all say "the look of the season" can be confusing with all the fur, leopard print, sequins, stripes, prints, and not to mention the accessories. A girl can get confused! Sometimes you just have to take a step back and find out what works best for you. This Fashionista does just that. Her blue, green, and white printed top looks perfect with her skin tone. Her white shorts are a great length for a mid-fall warm-spell and her shoes are comfortable Jack Rodgers. She has a silver bracelet and rings, and a simple brown watch. While some might say "how boring" I say, how perfect. She's comfortable, cute, and put together. College fashion shouldn't have to be "high-fashion" all the time. Sometimes the best outfit really is the one you feel most comfortable in.

Hint: You can replicate the look with these white chino shorts, this blue printed silk top, and a pair of gold oxfords.

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