I love when I unexpectedly find my Fashionista on the ‘L’ platform as opposed to sitting on a bench, people watching. Not only was this street style appropriate for a crisp autumn day in Chicago, but really showcases one item, the sweater.

I truly enjoy outfits that are about one piece and one piece only. I could have found anyone wearing a bold color with black tights and black shoes, but her wild and out-there sweater was what attracted me to the outfit. My assumptions were correct that it was picked up at the local Salvation Army, (like most people I find at DePaul!) She paired it with opaque black tights and Doc Martens. (Try some knit tights as it moves closer into winter.) I thought the outfit had a comfort to it, but a well thought out level of funk and coordination. If you were to pick this Betsey Johnson sweater, try some brightly colored tights with black boots. 

It’s helpful to wear a monochromatic color for all of the pieces to your wardrobe if you plan on wearing a lot of jewelry or with any other bold accessories. Try to minimize rest of your accessories, or coordinate with all of the added on buttons, zippers, etc. that have recently been added to a variety of tanks and cardigans, at places like H&M and Forever 21. The lesson here is if you want to simplify an outfit, try and have one attention getting piece, either a hat, bag, sweater, or shoes, it does not matter what you choose to highlight, but keep in mind what the rest of your ensemble looks like.

Coco Chanel once said, “look in the mirror and take one thing off before you leave the house.”

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