These Fashionistas know how to dress for mutual success. I could not help but notice as I passed them that the sisters looked picture perfect sitting next to each other on their park bench, yet they didn’t look as if they had intentionally coordinated their outfits. While every family inevitably has a few siblings-in-matching-outfits pictures from the early years, the time comes all too soon (for sentimental parents) when we have to develop a unique sense of style that works best for us as individuals. From Australia visiting the Big Apple, these Fashionistas probably knew they’d be in for at least a few photo ops along the trip – though I don’t think they predicted my request to capture their images. Each has a look that shows a sense of personal style singular to her, yet in accordance with the other’s look. I know when I go out with my sisters, someone is always mad about what the another is wearing because she feels it makes her look under or over-dressed. In retrospect, I realize I should have asked these girls how or if they consult one another before leaving on an outing, just for future reference.

The older sister is comfortable yet on-trend in her bright hues for summer, sporting the very in-style seafoam green on the bottom, with a flattering waist line and clean, strapless line on top. The solid colors pop but don’t overwhelm her. The younger sister has almost the reverse color scheme, with to-die-for lace shorts opposite a patterned and detailed tank.  It might seem like a lot going on, but she does it in a manageable and cohesive way, especially on her tall frame.  The girls even have matching sunglasses, but I actually didn’t realize until they told me that they were identical pairs, since their looks overall were so distinct. Their shoes kept a consistent color at the bottom of the frame, but again, clearly represented each Fashionista’s preference. The older’s are sleek and simple, while the younger chose a slightly more intricate menswear style, beautifully offset with the ultra-feminine, schoolgirl ruffle socks.

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