The color red has a pretty glamorous connotation. Think the red carpet, red lips and the soles of Christian Louboutins. Though you often see fire-engine red as the color of choice for celebrity evening gowns and holiday parties, I rarely see this color red worn as part of a casual, everyday outfit. Because of this, when I spotted this Fashionista, her outfit immediately caught my eye. Among the browns, black and grays making up most outfits on campus, her red dress really stood out.

Besides being a big trend this fall, red is a great way to add some color to your fall and winter outfits. Typically, when you see color amidst the neutrals of fall, it tends to be yellow, orange or purple, all darker fall colors. While deep reds like maroon and crimson are also typical fall colors, bright red is usually forgotten by the time October rolls around. By pairing her red dress with neutrals (gray tights, a black jacket and a brown leather bag) this Fashionista ensures her dress will be a statement piece and will be weather appropriate.

The thing that really makes this outfit different, though, is the Converse sneakers. This Fashionista takes her red dress and dresses it down with sneakers to create a look that while bright and fashionable, still remains casual and effortless. Sneakers and dresses can be a risky fashion choice, but by taking a fashion risk, this Fashionista shows off her true personal style.

Hint: For a dressed-down look like this Fashionista’s, try a red sweater dress with opaque tights and flats or sneakers. To add a little more glamour to your wardrobe, try a red dress for nights out.

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