STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Remember the Culottes

Most every girl enjoys her skirt and shorts, whether its just around the campus, in a party or in almost any other occasion. If I had to choose between these two pieces of clothing, it would be close to impossible for me because I love these two pieces for very different reasons. The skirt exudes femininity and classy elegance, while shorts are more functional and allow the wearer to jump and run and twist and twirl on the windiest days. Though both fashion staples are different in many ways, they are agreeing in one aspect — they show some leg! I'm glad I never have to choose between a skirt and shorts because I could always get the best of both worlds with a culottes. Culottes originated from the French — they were the tights kings, princes, and dukes used. Fortunately for the fashion world, it was later reincarnated to "skorts" (a portmanteau of a skirt and shorts) or, in other words, a pair of shorts that is draped or hangs like a skirt. At earlier times, women wore these kind of shorts to go horseback riding, to clean or garden.

Luckily, modernization came and fashion was never the same. Nowadays, culottes are worn as a fashion statement and there's no one who can atest to that more than this CollegeFashionista. She kept her mom's vintage culottes the center of attention by pairing her statement piece with a black dress used as a top, light pink platform heels and black accessories. She kept the vintage feel of the culottes by picking colors that brought out the pattern of the bottom, but she was also able to make her look modern by pairing it with a trendy pair of shoes. If you are not lucky enough to have vintage treasures lying aroung your mom's closet or can't find any good thrift stores around your area, then take a look at these options of culottes available in the market today. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. To get a vintage, but trendy feel try polka-dot, ankle length, pleated, or floral culottes.

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